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John gets a Dragon’s Lair Arcade Game - Working original LaserDisc Player! - Cinematronics 1983

Here it is! Another John’s Arcade on the road! In this video we’ll take a road trip with my friend Ted to pick up an all original Dragon’s Lair arcade game. Dragon’s Lair was released in 1983 by Cinematronics and was one of the first Laserdisc arcade games. Dragon’s Lair features amazing cartoon visuals and animation created by ex-Disney animator, Don Bluth. The game is truly a piece of art! 

Also in the video we’ll check out Ted’s ultra rare Capcom Saturday Night Slam Masters four player tournament arcade cabinet. It just might be the only one in existence. Super cool arcade game!

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Journey Arcade Game Restore Part #11 - Dual Power Amp with Cassette Interface Wiring Part 2

Alright guys, this is it. In this video we ARE going to get that Dual Power Amp with Cassette Interface board all wired up and working the 1983 Bally Midway Journey Arcade Cabinet. We’ll also talk about troubleshooting and fixing the HUM and BUZZ by replacing the tantalum caps. I also reflow the solder too.

After we get it wired up, we’ll clean up the wiring with some zip strips, mount the wires to the sides of the cabinet, and then make a shelf for the cassette player using some angle iron brackets.

Also in this video I’ll show you how to make an endless loop tape for the Journey Arcade Game using a TDK three-minute endless loop cassette. I’ll also make a new Midway label for the tape on my printer! 

We cover TONS in this video, ENJOY!